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GAM #460 Mellow Yellow gel color media filter sheet, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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-  ONE sheet of Great American Market #460 Mellow Yellow deep dyed polyester color filter

-  20” by 24” sheet, as manufactured

- use in color frame of theatrical spotlight to color the light on stage

-  Great American Market swatchbook shows the color in photo
Please consult a color swatchbook by this manufacturer if you have any question about this color.  A photo cannot perfectly represent the color.

-  “The graph shows the transmission curve of the color plotted against the visible spectrum.  The T% indicates total transmission through the filter.  GamColor is manufactured insure uniform hue, value and chroma from lot to lot.”

- Sheet will be folded and shipped to you in a 9"x12" Envelope. (Or, you can pick up in person if you live near Cambridge, MA).

We have other colors to sell.  If you would like to buy a different quantity or color than what we have listed, please email us to find out how many and what color we have before bidding.  Then, I will post a separate listing for you with A BUY IT NOW PRICE.
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