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Applebees Neighborhood Grill
Newtown, PA
Address marker

2 West Rd

Newtown, PA 18940

+1 (215) 497-3470

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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill located at 2 West Rd, Newtown, Pennsylvania focuses on serving good food to good people, the same philosophy that they started with.  Applebee's  has grown from a popular neighborhood restaurant to a popular restaurant in neighborhoods across North America with almost 2,000 locations and still growing.

Founded almost three decades ago on the values of family fun and exceptional value has grown to be one of the largest casual dining chains in the world, drawing people of all ages and lifestyles in with its friendly atmosphere and its signature bar and grill menu.

Applebee's continues to grow and prosper, and further differentiates itself with innovative attractions, like the ever popular Carside To-Go option, and it's successful agreement with Weight Watchers. This allows customers to have entree options with lower calories, but doesn't sacrifice the flavor!

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