Ironhouse Gym
Hazle Twp, PA
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1040 Harwood Road

Hazle Twp, PA 18202

+1 (570) 501-2552

In December of 2007 owners Brian Buglio, Brian Walters and Dave Pavelko bought the IRONHOUSE GYM which was located in a small run down garage on Lafayette court. After just two short years at that location business grew and they knew it was time to provide a bigger better facility for their members. Therefore in December 2010, Buglio and Walters move to its current location on Vine Street. The new and improved location is almost 15,000 square Feet. It provides 24 hours access, Free weights, Cardio equipment, a basketball court, indoor strongman training, yoga and Brazilian jiu jitsu, personal training, and a mat room. There are classes most nights of the week cardio boot camp runs three days a week. Boot camp is run by the gym’s personal trainer Orlando Currie. Currie is a strength and conditioning specialist whose focus is with training athletics. The jiu jitsu and yoga classes run two days a week. Dumbbells range from 2lbs up to 150lbs that is the most in the area. When IRONHOUSE started they only had 30 pieces of equipment now that number has nearly doubled and all equipment replaced. There is closed circuit TVs throughout the facility which makes the gym a safe enjoyable place for everyone. The gym also provides a full line of supplements. They have protein, vitamins, pre-workout drinks and a host of other supplements whether you are into hardcore training or just looking to lose a few pounds they have the supplement for you. In early 2011 IRONHOUSE GYM teamed up with Terra Bridge IT to undertake the project of becoming the only LEED certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) gym in the county. LEED certification was by Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to reduce a businesses carbon foot print and operate cleaner while being more cost effective. IRONHOUSE GYM is your one stop shop when it comes to fitness in the greater Hazleton area. IRONHOUSE gym is building stronger bodies, stronger minds and a stronger world by going green in 2011.

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