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Kings Family Restaurants
Mercer, PA
Address marker

1920 Leesburg Grove City Rd

Mercer, PA 16137

+1 (724) 748-1015

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Kings Family Restaurants, located at 1920 Leesburg Grove City Rd in Mercer PA, is part of the excellent franchise that has been providing great food at even greater value for over 4 decades.

A place for the whole family, King's offers a wide variety of food for each course of the meal as well as dessert. You can even grab some delicious pancakes if you come early. They offer classic meals like burgers, wraps and sandwiches, but they also serve great homemade dishes like pot roast dinner their King's double glazed meatloaf.

Kids love coming to King's not just for the great food, but also with the hopes of possibly seeing frownie the restaurants mascot. Come down and join the fun.

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