Pantuso Motors
Scranton, PA
Address marker

931 N Washington Ave

Scranton, PA 18509

+1 (570) 346-4321

Pantuso Motors, Located at 931 N Washington Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been offering "Great Prices matched with Great Service and a Friendly Smile" for 43 years. Pantuso Motors is all about the experience; It is about finding the perfect used car for you. From vintage collector cars to a more modern fare, Pantuso Motors has something for everyone.

Pantuso Motors has been around much longer than most other used car dealers and, as a result, they have fine-tuned their approach to buying a car; a process that benefits the buyer above all. You won't have to look any further than Pantuso Motors for a car that fits your needs.

Because at Pantuso Motors, Whether it is the cars or the service, Quality is key.

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