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A Locals Guide to Finding Exotic Foods in Wilkes Barre, PA

From Letts Eat Indian Cuisine to Mirakuya Japanese Steakhouse and Hibachi

Sick of eating at your average restaurant chain? Or maybe you are feeling a more adventurous menu? Instead of choosing your normal go-to eatery, instead try one of these five different exotic food restaurants. Whether it be Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or Japanese, there are many amazing exotic restaurants in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area for you to choose from!

Letts Eat

Letts Eat brings the flavors of India to the Wilkes-Barre, PA area! Craving some curry, or maybe some chicken tikka masala? They are well known for their outstanding food quality, and their authentic flavorful dishes which are not unlike the dishes that are being served all over India. Not sure what to order? No problem, Letts Eat offers a satisfying lunch buffet weekly.  Letts Eat strives to bring real Indian food to the table, helping people explore and enjoy a very unique cuisine! Letts Eat is located next to the Special Guest App office in Downtown, Wilkes Barre (near Movies 14).


Looking for a unique cuisine that is still health friendly? Then, ThaiThai is the place for you! This is one of our absolute favorites – their herb and rice based dishes help to ensure their food is not full of fat. ThaiThai offers various dishes, based off of recipes and dishes created in Thailand, with five different levels of heat. This authentic Thai food restaurant is one of the very best that the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton area has to offer. Their dishes range from the famed Pad Thai to Yellow Curry to Basil Fried Rice. ThaiThai considers cooking an art form and strives to ensure each dish is just that, a work of art!

The Savory Maza

Maybe you are looking for more Middle Eastern Flavors in the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton area? Look no farther than Savory Maza, who serves the community with amazingly delicious and authentic Lebanese cuisine. They offer all different types of dishes, such as Sambousek, Makanik, Kabobs, Falafel, Shawarma and much more. Savory Maza recognizes that people have different diets, so they offer a vegetarian menu so more people can enjoy their amazing Lebanese cuisine. Try Savory Maza for a new exotic twist to your meals!


Oh yummy! Mirakuya is a Japanese steakhouse, that offers seafood, sushi, and hibachi. They have two locations, one in Wilkes-Barre and another in Hazleton, making it easily accessible to people from all over the area. Mirakuya is especially known for their sushi and their half-priced sushi rolls on Sunday’s, making them a true hit amongst this community. Not interested in your usual sit-down dinner? Mirakuya offers a unique hibachi experience, cooking the food live and putting on an excellent show for you and your guests. If you’re not interested in sushi or hibachi, they also offer several other Japanese entrees for you to choose from!

King of Kings Gyros

Looking for a taste of the Mediterranean in the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton area?  Then King of Kings Gyros is the place for you! They are located on the Wilkes-Barre Public Square, and have spent many years perfecting their gyro recipe. They offer traditional gyros, chicken and falafels and have been voted the best gyro spot in the Wyoming Valley many years in a row. Want King of Kings, but not necessarily a gyro? They offer other menu options, such as homemade pierogies,  NY style rice platters, and also a variety of home made sides.

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A Locals Guide to Finding Exotic Foods in Wilkes Barre, PA