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4 Top Wedding Venues in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area

From the FM Kirby Center to The Stegmaier Mansion NEPA has some amazing places to have your wedding!

Planning ones dream wedding can be quite cumbersome, especially when trying to decide on a venue. Sometimes, your typical rental hall is just not what you are looking for when planning such an important event. Maybe you are looking for a location that has more charm? Or maybe one that is exceptionally memorable? In order to make your venue search easier, we have compiled a list of four different wedding venues, all of which are unique and beautiful.

(1) FM Kirby Center for Performing Arts

Built during the Art Deco days of the 1930s, FM Kirby is truly a unique wedding venue for any couple looking to impress. The FM Kirby boasts a lavish interior, tall fluted columns, doors and walls in coppers tints and metallic blue, and original lighting/ chandeliers. The weddings are held in the luxurious lobbies of the FM Kirby, and there are five in total. Besides the beautiful reception area, it also boasts posh dressing rooms for the Brides/ Grooms use. This venue offers plenty of table space, dancing space, and also an upper level lobby for cocktails and appetizers.The FM Kirby is  a unique venue that helps to add a magical element to any wedding reception that takes place.

(2) Woodlands Inn and Resort

The Woodlands Inn and Resort is known for providing a wonderful atmosphere for any wedding! They venue boasts a relaxing stream-side location for your ceremony, a deck for cocktails and appetizers, and also, various luxurious ballrooms. There is plenty of space for seating, dancing and mingling! Each of these areas are easily transformable to match any wedding style or theme. They offer a variety of wedding packages for any happy couple to choose from, so they can pick the best package to fit their special day.

(3) Shadrill Farm

Do you want your dream wedding to take place in a beautiful and rustic barn? Well, look no farther than Shadrill Farm, which boasts a newly renovated, classic farm style barn that can be used to bring country charm to any wedding! Shadrill Farm has been a part of the Wilkes-Barre, PA area since the early 1800’s, and has slowly transformed into the venue that exists today. This barn features and open floor plan and 15 foot ceilings, helping to create the atmosphere for an unforgettable wedding event. The interior of the barn is finished with beautiful and gleaming wood, and features plenty of seating and dancing space. The farm itself features a beautiful and serene pond, which is the perfect spot for any ceremony. With that, it also has a goldfish pond, and a rentable farmhouse.

(4) The Stegmaier Mansion

Does your dream wedding take place in a beautiful and historical venue? If so, look no farther than the Stegmaier Mansion, which are equipped to host both large and small parties. The location features two mansions to choose from: the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion and the Mary Stegmaier Mansion. These venues are meant to create a unparalleled and a unique experience, which is easily customizable to fit the any wedding theme. They also feature the perfect rooms for all of your wedding events, including the: bridal shower, bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal, ceremony, reception and wedding brunch. This regal space offers much to choose from, including various packages that help to directly suit your wedding needs.

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4 Top Wedding Venues in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area