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Top Three Gift Shops in the Wilkes-Barre

Sometimes finding the perfect gift is challenging, especially if you want something that isn’t available at your every day store. Maybe you are looking for something that is made locally, or completely handmade? Check out the following three shops for any of your unique gifting needs.

1. Bee Hive

When searching for the right gift, keep Bee Hive, local to Wilkes-Barre, in mind! They strive to keep a large and unique selection of goods, all priced reasonably within your budget. Bee Hive offers outstanding customer service and free gift wrapping, as well as access to various lines, such as: Byer’s Choice, Mad Bags, Mud-Pie, Tag, Raz and much more! Bee Hive has a large selection of handmade bath products, baby gift and accessories. Definitely check them out next time you are in need of something special.

2. Bathtime Boutique

Maybe you have an idea of what type of gift you would like to get, but your not sure where to get it? Well, if you are searching for any type of gift that is bath-related, check out Bathtime Boutique! Bathtime Boutique is located in Kingston, is family owned and operated, and makes all products with indulgence in mind. They have product lines for both men and women, and some of their best selling products include bath bombs, soaps and body scrubs. Along with their homemade products, they also offer various popular lines, such as: Hydra, Primal Elements, Sara Happ, Get Fresh, and KalaStyle. If you are looking to get someone a unique and luxurious gift, check out anything Bathtime Boutique has to offer!

3. Bear Creek Cafe

One of the best spots to find a unique gift (and maybe even grab some lunch) is the Bear Creek Cafe! Located in Bear Creek Township, the Bear Creek Cafe offers all sorts of unique, handcrafted gifts in this country-style cafe. From soap, to pottery, to wood-pieces, to handbags, the Bear Creek Cafe offers a selection of goods that will make your shopping experience almost too easy. Next time you are searching for the perfect gift, look no farther than the Bear Creek Cafe!

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Top Three Gift Shops in the Wilkes-Barre