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Best Vegan Restaurants In Scranton PA

There’s a difference between vegans and vegetarians – while a vegetarian will eat certain animal byproducts, like cheese and butter, a vegan eschews them altogether. This makes dining out difficult. Thankfully there are a number of different vegan restaurants (and some “regular” restaurants with vegan dishes on the menu) to choose from in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area.

1) Eden – A Vegan Café, 344 Adam Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503

Eden is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that serves American food, like burgers and sandwiches, only with meat alternatives that are usually soy-based. There are several all vegetable dishes on the menu as well, although the main focus is on the sandwiches and accompanying side dishes. A few of the more stand out menu items include a faux-“turkey” club, a soy “ham” sub sandwich, a veggie Reuben sandwich, and the “Rosie Perez” veggie burger that comes with smashed potatoes. Because there are plenty of meat alternative sandwiches, non-vegan and non-vegetarians will find Eden as appealing as their non-meat eating friends and relatives.

2) Amber Indian Restaurant, 3505 Birney Avenue, Moosic, PA 18507

Although this is a traditional Indian restaurant, meaning that you will not find any red meat on the menu, there are some chicken, lamb, goat and fish-based dishes available. These include the chicken tikka masala, the lamb vindaloo, and the goat curry However, because most Indian dishes are meat-free, any vegans and vegetarians in attendance will have plenty to choose from. Dishes like the navrattan korma, bhindi masala, chana masala and dal saag are meat-free and will not disappoint. For side dishes, aim for the vegetable samosas, naan (a seasoned, unleavened bread) and the aloo tikka. You will not go home hungry.

3) Zen Fusion, 14 Main Street, Delaware Gap, PA 18327

Asian and Caribbean food sound like an odd combination. However, Zen Fusion makes it work by serving a wide array of dishes that appeal to everything, whether they are an unabashed carnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan. Some of the choice vegan dishes on the menu are the veggie tacos (which are also gluten free), the Haitian Fritay (which comes with or without sausage, depending on whether or not you order the vegan version), the breakfast chilaqules, the coconut oatmeal, and Gayle’s Dumplings, which are available with veggie potstickers instead of Thai-style chicken ones. Between the unique fusion menu and the meat-free options, this restaurant should be on your list of ones to check out.

4) Be Life Café and Marketplace, 639 Northern Blvd, Clarks Summit, PA 18411

The Be Life Café and Marketplace specializes in healthy, organic meals. While their menu is fairly small, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy portions of their lunch menu, for example, their vegetarian sandwich of the day. Of course, any of their meal options can be made into vegan entrees; all that you need to do is ask.

There are several great vegan restaurants into the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. One is in Scranton, while the others are in nearby cities. Either way, these places are worth driving to, as they have many different options and tasty meals with mass appeal.


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Best Vegan Restaurants In Scranton PA