Save Money On Groceries This Holiday Season


Whether your family is large or small, saving money on groceries each month can really add up. If you save just forty dollars each week, it will add up to well over two thousand dollars annually, enough for that getaway vacation that you’ve been dreaming of! While many may advocate methods like “extreme couponing” to save on groceries each week, they tend to be time-consuming and, in the long run, simply aren’t worth it. Instead, try using new technologies to your advantage to revolutionize existing strategies to save on groceries time and time again.

The first step to saving money on groceries is preparation each and every week. Recent studies have revealed that Americans throw away over forty percent of the food they purchase, totaling over two thousand dollars annually per family. Start the week off right by drawing up a menu with the meals you plan to serve for the week along with the subsequent list of grocery items you will need for these meals. For recipe ideas, there are hundred of online resources with delicious recipes in every type of cuisine imaginable. By planning all of your family’s meals in advance, you won’t be forced to purchase expensive prepared foods or to throw away excess food when it expires. Most importantly of all, your family will love all of the home-cooked meals that you prepare!

Another method of keeping the cost of your ingredients down is to buy certain items, such as stocks that can be used in many recipes, in bulk and store them in your pantry. To help you manage your pantry there are several apps, like Out of Milk and Prep and Pantry, that help you to keep inventories of what you have as well as letting you know when items are going to expire.

Finally, there are several new apps that can help you to get back a little something every time you visit the supermarket. Receipt Hog is an app that pays you to take photos of your receipts each time you visit the supermarket, no matter where you shop. Simply take a photo of your receipt, for which Receipt Hog gives you coins, and then redeem the coins for Amazon gift cards that you can spend on whatever you need. Another similar app, Ibotta, allows you to select offers and pays you to learn about certain products before you go shopping. When you purchase these specific items, you just need to take a picture of your receipt for proof of purchase. Ibotta then pays out the offers, which you can send directly to your PayPal or redeem for other gift cards!

Finally, here are some awesome additional resources for saving big money on groceries.  We encourage our readers to check them out:









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Save Money On Groceries This Holiday Season