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Three Scranton Area Hospitals Equipped to Handle Your Medical Emergency

Regional Hospital of Scranton

Scranton, Pennsylvania’s 80,000 residents (not including those in the surrounding suburbs) are serviced by three main hospitals. These hospitals are equipped to handle everything from life threatening emergencies to broken limbs and other medical problems. The Scranton area is also home to three emergency response companies, each complete with ambulances and EMTs who are trained to handle all different types of medical emergencies. These companies are Pennsylvania Ambulance, Community Life Support and Lackawanna Ambulance. Once you call 9-1-1 and one of these companies responds, you may end up at one of these three hospitals, based on your location and the type of medical issue that you have.

Geisinger-Community Medical Center (CMC), 1800 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA 18510

Geisinger-Community Medical Center handles everything from emergencies to mental health problems. They have several specialized areas, including a wound care clinic that is designed to treat people with stubborn injuries that do not want to heal properly. Other specialties include a cardiac care unit, a nutrition clinic, and both primary and clinical care. Partners of the Geisinger-Community Medical Center include the Ronald McDonald house, Green Ridge Physical Therapy and Geisinger-Mountain View Care Center. The Geisinger-Community Medical Center has won awards for its cardiac care unit, stroke care unit and spinal surgery specialties.

Moses Taylor Hospital. 700 Quincy Avenue, Scranton, PA 18510

Moses Taylor Hospital is a member of the Commonwealth Health Group, which consists of around 8 other hospitals and numerous specialty and general clinics in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. Moses Taylor Hospital itself has over 200 beds, and has been named one of the top ten hospitals in the country in which to give birth, due to its outstanding natal care practices. The hospital also has a geriatric care center, an emergency room complete with imaging services, a pharmacy, and a rehabilitation and therapy unit. However, what Moses Taylor Hospital is best known for is its women’s and children’s services, which include a NICU, a lactation center, and spaces for childbirth classes.

Regional Hospital of Scranton, 746 Jefferson Avenue, Scranton, PA 18510

The Regional Hospital of Scranton is another member of the Commonwealth Health Group, much like Moses Taylor Hospital. However, Regional Hospital is slightly smaller, with 198 beds, and has a number of different specialties. Regional has an emergency room with a complete laboratory and diagnostic imaging services. They also have a diabetes care center, a cardiac unit, an orthopedic institute, a vascular lab and a bariatric surgery unit. Food and nutrition services, wound care, hyperbaric treatments and physical rehabilitation are also available. Regional Hospital of Scranton may be a part of the same group as Moses Taylor Hospital, but the services offered within are quite different.

Each of the three hospitals in the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania has its own specialties. Depending on the nature of your injury, illness or condition, one of them will best fit your needs. Moses Taylor Hospital is known for its birthing center, Regional Hospital for its bariatric and diabetes care, and Geisinger-Community Medical Center for its cardiac care unit. These are just a few examples – as you can see above, each hospital does numerous more things as well.

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Regional Hospital of Scranton

Three Scranton Area Hospitals Equipped to Handle Your Medical Emergency