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Your First Day of School in Scranton School District

What You Need to Know About the Scranton School District

Known primarily for its coal mining roots, historic architecture and for being the home of television show The Office’s made-up Dunder-Mifflin company, Scranton, Pennsylvania was also the home of several “firsts.” For example, the city was the first in the country to have a series of successful and continually operating electric streetcars. Currently, Scranton has around 80,000 residents, and is the largest city in the state. All of those residents require a fairly large and extensive network of 6 public schools.

Elementary Schools

Most of the schools within the Scranton school district are elementary schools. Altogether, there are eleven elementary schools. Each serves students in kindergarten, as well as grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. They are: Adams Elementary, 827 Capouse Ave., Scranton, PA 18509; Armstrong Elementary located at the intersection of N. Lincoln Ave. and Clearview St., Scranton, PA 18508; Bancroft Elementary at 1002 Albright Ave., Scranton, PA 18508; Charles Sumner Elementary, at the intersection of North Sumner Ave. and Swetland St., Scranton, PA 18504; Frances Willard Elementary, located at 1100 Eynon Street, Scranton, PA 18504; Isaac Trip Elementary, at 1000 N. Everett Ave., Scranton, PA 18504; John F. Kennedy Elementary, located at the intersection of Prospect Ave. and Saginaw St., Scranton, PA 18505; John G. Whittier Elementary, at 700 Orchard St., Scranton, PA 18505; McNichols Plaza Elementary, at 1111 South Irving Ave., Scranton, PA 18505; Robert Morris Elementary, at 1824 Boulevard Ave., Scranton, PA 18509 and William Prescott Elementary, located at the intersection of Prescott Ave. and Myrtle St., Scranton, PA 18510.

Intermediate Schools

The three intermediate schools located in the Scranton school district are for students in grades 6, 7 and 8. After this, students move on to one of the local high school. The three intermediate schools are: West Scranton Intermediate, located at 1401 Fellows Street, Scranton, PA 18504; South Scranton Intermediate, at 355 Maple Street, Scranton, PA 18505; and Northeast Intermediate at 721 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18510. All three schools have a number of different programs, including athletics.

High Schools

There are two high schools within the Scranton school district: Scranton High School, and West Scranton High School. Both serve students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Scranton High School is located at 63 Munchak Way, Scranton, PA 18505. Their mascot is the Knights, and they offer a number of after school activities, including sports. They have a drama program, known as the Knight Players, and a performance choir, called the Knight Rhythms. There are four different program levels available at Scranton High School, ranging from AP (Advanced Placement) classes to Developmental courses, with Honors and Regular levels ranked in between.

The mascot of West Scranton High School, located at 1201 Luzerne Street, Scranton, PA 18505, is the Invaders. This school has a drama club and plenty of athletics, just like it’s sister school, Scranton High School. Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), vocational and standard classes are also available.

The Scranton school district is fairly large, and encompasses around 10,000 students. Given that there are over 80,000 residents in the city of Scranton itself, it makes perfect sense that the school district has enough space for all students, thanks to its 16 schools.

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Your First Day of School in Scranton School District