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The Top 20 Wilkes-Barre Area Radio Stations

Although radio stations seem to be consolidating these days, thanks to things like mp3 players and satellite radio, there are still a number of local stations in the Wilkes-Barre area to choose from. Whether you like rock music, prefer country, or just want something fun to listen to, odds are one of the Northeastern Pennsylvania based FM stations on this list will have what you’re looking for.

1) WPGP 88.3 This station is based out of nearby Tafton, PA. It specializes in Christian music.

2) WRKC 88.5. It’s hard to beat eclectic tunes spun by college kids masquerading as disc jockeys. This station, run by Kings College fits that bill nicely.

3) WCLH 90.7 Another local college station, this one is run by nearby Wilkes University right in Wilkes-Barre.

4) WFUZ 92.1. Also known as “Fuzz”, This station specializes in playing alternative. It is based in Nanticoke.

5) WBHD 95.7. Also known as “Northeast PA’s #1 Hit Music Station,” this Olyphant, PA radio station plays contemporary top-40 hits.

6) WGGI 95.9.True to its name, “Froggy Country” specializes in country music from the past and present.

7) WBHT 97.1. Another top-40 station, this one is based in nearby Mountain Top, PA.

8) WBSX 97.9. Alternative rock is another popular choice for radio listeners. This station plays nothing but the best alternative music from the 1990s on up.

9) WUSR 99.5. There is no shortage of college radio stations in the area. This one is out of the University of Scranton.

10) WQFN 100.1. Oldies are such a popular genre that it is represented several times on this list. This particular station is based in Forest City, PA.

11) WGGY 101.3. Another station under the Froggy Country banner is WGGY, 101.3.

12) WAVT 101.9. Some stations are more general and play a wide variety of adult contemporary music, like this one, dubbed “The Best Songs on the Radio.”

13) WDMT 102.3. The Mountain, based in Pittston, PA, plays a number of classic hits from various decades.

14) WFEZ 103.1. For those who don’t want to hear DJs blather on about random topics, this adult contemporary station is for you.

15) WKAB 103.5. It doesn’t get any better than this station in Berwick, PA that plays rock and roll in all of its various incarnations.

16) WCOZ 103.9. Sometimes you need music that won’t offend anyone. This channel plays nothing but soft rock adult contemporary tunes.

17) WWDL 104.9. Another adult contemporary station, this one calls itself “Northeast Pennsylvania’s music station.”

18) WPZX 105.9. This Pocono Pines, PA based station plays classic rock from the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.

19) WFYY 106.5. The tagline for this Bloomsburg, PA station is “Today’s Hits Yesterdays Classics.” That’s a great way to sum up adult contemporary and top 40 songs.

20) WEZX 106.9. Also known as “Rock 107” this radio station plays nothing but classic rock.

There are a number of different radio stations in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area. The ones listed above are the top twenty, and represent a cross-section of the many different genres of music that are represented in the area. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

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