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4 Quick Facts about Wilkes-Barre King’s College

King's College

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has around 40,000 residents. Given the fact that there are 6 colleges in the area – three of them within the city itself – it’s a safe bet that some of those residents are college students. King’s College, also known as The College of Christ the King, is one of those three. King’s College is a private, liberal arts school with around 2,700 students. It offers a number of undergraduate degrees, and has a 48 acres campus in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

1) The King’s College campus has a mix of traditional dorms and apartment buildings to house students.

There are specific dormitories on the campus for freshmen and for upperclassmen. The freshmen dorms are Holy Cross Hall and Esseff Hall, for men and women respectively. The other traditional dorm, which is co-ed, is called Luksic Hall. On top of the dorms, there are also co-ed apartment buildings on the campus for older students. They are the John Lane House, Flood Hall, O’Hara Hall and Alumni Hall. The other on-campus building, 187 N. Franklin Street, houses specially selected applicants only.

2) The school’s athletics program is a member of the NCAA division III Middle Atlantic Conference.

Currently, there are 9 sports offered for women, and 10 for men. These include everything from football, baseball, softball, and basketball to lacrosse, tennis and field hockey. The sports teams are known as the Monarchs, and are represented by a lion wearing a crown. The sports programs play and practice in the Robert L. Betzler Athletic Complex, which houses the stadium, field house, and several baseball and lacrosse fields. There is also a physical education center and a recreation center on campus. The golf and tennis teams play and practice off campus at the Wyoming Valley Country Club and at Kirby Park.

3) There are over 35 undergraduate degree programs to choose from.

The many majors offered at King’s College are divided up into several different colleges. There is the College of Arts and Sciences, which specializes in the humanities, education, communication and social sciences; and the William G. McGowan College of Business, where students can major in accounting, marketing, management and finance, among other things. There are also pre-professional and specialty programs as well.

4) King’s College has an interesting history.

The school was founded by the Holy Cross Congregation 1946. The Holy Cross Congregation is responsible for founding several other colleges around the country, including the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, the University of Portland in Oregon, and Our Lady of Holy Cross in Louisiana. Despite the founding date of the college, the oldest building on the King’s College campus dates back to 1913. Now the administration building, it was once the headquarters for the Lehigh Valley Coal Company. The original purpose of King’s College was to educate the sons and daughters of the local coal miners and mill employees.

King’s College in Wilkes-Barre is more than your typical liberal arts college. It has a history of educating both men and women in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, and shares a heritage with several other schools, include the University of Notre Dame. It also has a number of different on-campus living experiences to choose from, plus several sports to play. All of these make King’s College stand out from the rest.

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King's College

4 Quick Facts about Wilkes-Barre King’s College