Stop in For a Bite to Eat at These Top Four Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore, Maryland has over 600,000 residents in the city alone, and almost 3 million in its entire metropolitan area. That adds up to quite a diverse group of people – and the restaurants reflect that. There are hundreds of different places to eat in the area, making it tough to choose just the right one. This list of the top four restaurants in Baltimore may help you with that decision.

1) Samos Restaurant, 600 Oldham Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Samos is a fairly traditional Greek restaurant that offers everything from spanakopita to moussaka. The restaurant has been in business since 1977, and there’s a reason for that – the food is fantastic. Some of the menu items are Greek classics like gyros, baklava and even leg of lamb. The “fairly” traditional part stems from the Italian dishes on the menu, which include homemade customized pizzas and a variety of pastas. Steak, burgers and chicken nuggets are available as well. The only downsides to Samos are its BYOB policy on alcoholic beverages, and the fact that is only accepts cash as a payment – no credit cards.

2) Puerto 511, 102 West Clay Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Peruvian food is a genre that not many people have had – however, it is one that should not be missed. This restaurant opened in late 2013, and has the three things that almost everyone wants in a restaurant: inexpensive dishes (no entrees priced over $20), great service and excellent food. Diners have their choice of items like paella, fresh sea bass, lamb chops, ceviche and the tough to pronounce properly Yuquitas Dorados. The only problem with Puerto 511 is its tiny dining room, which seats about 16 people. You’ll definitely need dinner reservations.

3) Mekong Delta Café, 105 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Sometimes the best restaurants are small, “mom and pop” operations. This Vietnamese restaurant – the Mekong Delta Café – is one of those. The restaurant is small, and fairly busy, especially at standard lunch and dinner times. The wait it worth it however, as the prices are inexpensive and the food is good. Some of the menu standouts include the spring rolls, the summer rolls, the shrimp fried rice, the pho, and anything coated in their homemade peanut sauce. One caveat: like Samos, the Mekong Delta Café is cash only.

4) Bottega, 1729 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218

Bottega serves up Tuscan dishes like sea bass with tomato, spinach malfatti pasta with butter and sage, and roasted leg of duck with warm potatoes and kale salad. However, don’t go there with one single dish in mind – the menu changes daily and isn’t even officially printed on anything; instead, it’s written on a chalkboard. This is another tiny restaurant where reservations are recommended, but the prices and food make the wait worthwhile.

Each of the four restaurants listed here have several things in common – they all have good food served in a nice atmosphere, and they are all located in Baltimore, Maryland. Whether you are in the mood for Greek food, Peruvian food, Vietnamese food, or Italian food, these restaurants have it covered.

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Baltimore Restaurants

Stop in For a Bite to Eat at These Top Four Baltimore Restaurants