Enjoy a Meal in One of These Top Four Ocean City Seafood Restaurants

Ocean City Seafood

Given the location of Ocean City, Maryland – right on the eastern coast of the United States – it should be no surprise that many of the top restaurants in the city specialize in seafood. The four listed here serve everything from classic seafood dishes to those with a slightly creative twist. You may find your new favorite restaurant on this list.

1) Blue Fish, 9401 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

Blue Fish bills itself as a Japanese restaurant with a little bit of everything on its menu. However, it goes beyond this. If you’re in the mood for sushi, traditional Japanese food, American versions of Chinese food, or even Thai food, then you’ve found the right place. You can choose from a menu that consists of hand rolled sushi, tempura with miso soup, sesame chicken, shrimp in lobster sauce, and many other things. The two things that they have in common are the freshness of the seafood and the quality of the food.

2) Hooked, 8003 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

True to its name, Hooked’s dishes revolve around freshly caught seafood. The owners of this restaurant run several others along the Atlantic coast, and even have a seafood company – Indian River Seafood. They opened Hooked in 2013. The restaurant’s menu ranges from grilled salmon and jumbo shrimp to non-seafood items like skirt steak and pan roasted chicken. There are also separate offerings for lunch, and for those who wish to eat at the bar.

3) On the Bay Seafood, 4202 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

On the Bay Seafood bills itself as “where the locals eat.” However, thanks to great reviews and several awards – one from the Baltimore Sun for Best Steamed Crabs in Ocean City – On the Bay Seafood isn’t much of a secret anymore. That may put a damper on those who don’t want to wade through crowds of people, but for those who don’t mind, it’s worth the wait. This restaurant’s dining room is outside, on the sand, which provides an interesting experience. Their menu consists of plenty of seafood, including homemade crabcakes, Maryland crab soup, fried shrimp and calamari, a flounder fillet sandwich, and, for those averse to seafood (or allergic) chicken tenders. Side dishes include potato salad, French fries, and several other things.

4) Sunset Grille, 12933 Sunset Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842

The Sunset Grille is located right on the waterfront and has two bars on the premises, on top of its standard sit-down restaurant. The menu consists of many “classic with a twist” items like tempura battered fried lobster tails, sesame crusted tuna mignon, and seafood alfredo. There are also burgers, crab cakes and pulled pork sandwiches, plus a number of appetizers. What really makes the Sunset Grille stand out is the view of the water, although the food shouldn’t be overlooked!

From crabcakes to crab soup, and from sushi to seafood alfredo, there is a little bit of everything that comes from the ocean on the menus of these top four seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland. Each has non-seafood items as well, just in case you’re dining with someone who is allergic or doesn’t like crab, lobster, shrimp and other things.

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Ocean City Seafood

Enjoy a Meal in One of These Top Four Ocean City Seafood Restaurants