What to Do During the 2014 4th of July Weekend in Ocean City, MD

Ocean City 4th of July

There’s nothing more patriotic than spending the Fourth of July weekend on the beach, preferably in a red, white and blue swimsuit. The other requirement for the holiday involves fireworks. There are not one, but two different fireworks shows to choose from in Ocean City. If you want to start your holiday on the 3rd and keep it going throughout the weekend, there are other activities that you may enjoy as well.

– See the downtown fireworks from the Inlet Parking Lot, North Division Street, Ocean City, MD

The fireworks show starts at 9:30pm, although the fun begins at 8pm with a free concert. The band has yet to be announced, but in keeping with the family atmosphere, it shouldn’t be too risqué. Be sure to get there early in order to get a good seat.

– Watch the uptown fireworks from Northside Park, 125th Street, Ocean City, MD

This fireworks show, centered at Northside Park, takes place at the exact same time as the ones at the Inlet Parking Lot. Plus, just like that show, a live band will appear on stage at 8pm. If you want to see both sets of fireworks at the same time, make sure to claim a place somewhere in between them!

– View a movie on the beach, Princess Royale, 91st Street, Ocean City, MD

This ongoing Thursday night movie series starts on July 3rd at 8:30pm. The first movie is the very family friendly cartoon, Monsters University. Admission is free, so grab your beach towel or lawn chair and be prepared to set up where you can view the movie.

– Attend one of the concerts in the Sunset in the Park Party Series, Sunset Park, Division Street, Ocean City, MD

The Sunset in the Park Party series takes place every Thursday from 7pm until 9pm. The band playing on July 3rd, Lauren Glick and the Mood Swingers, specializes in R&B, Jazz and the Blues. The concert is free, and beverages are for sale in the park’s concession stand. If you’d like to sit in a lawn chair, be sure to bring your own, since seating is not available in the park (except for the ground, of course.)

– Spend Monday evening (after the holiday weekend) watching a movie on the beach, 27th Street Beach, Ocean City, MD

If you missed the showing of Monsters University on July 3rd, or simply want to see the movie a second time, then you’re in luck. Every Monday and Friday (except for Friday, July 4th), there is a free movie playing on 27th Street Beach. On Monday, July 7th, that movie is Monsters University, and it starts at 8:30pm.

The Fourth of July is usually known as a family-centered holiday, and is when families, neighbors and friends get together and barbecue or attend fireworks shows. It isn’t much different in Ocean City, where you choose which set of fireworks you’d like to see, take in a live concert, and even see a family-friendly movie, among other things. Which of these activities are on your list?

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What to Do During the 2014 4th of July Weekend in Ocean City, MD