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Good – you made it!

It’s time to coach you up a little on FanDuel.

FanDuel offers One-Day Fantasy Sports Leagues for Real Money with No season long commitment. And best of all – immediate Cash Payouts!

Look around. There are thousands of open leagues to enter every day. You can even create private leagues in case you want to play against your buddies.

Once you pick the league pick your players. See below for an example of the NFL:

NFL Pick Your League on FanDuel

Pick any players you want – just stay under the salary cap. Don’t forget – you can edit your line-up at any time before that day’s games start.

When the game (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA) kicks off your league begins. You can track your score and standings from wherever you are in real-time as soon as all the games end the contest is over and winners get paid cash credited right to your account immediately.

Withdrawal your cash whenever you want via PayPal.

How much can you win? That’s up to you! It just depends on the league and entry fee you choose.

Lots of leagues have multiple winners.

Let me repeat myself – there are thousands of open leagues to enter any given day.

Join one and get your share of the millions FanDuel pays out each week.

Yep – come with me. Game time!

Your Friends at FanDuel

If you are like me you can’t get enough Fantasy Sports Action – there is a reason why I talk about FanDuel a lot – I use it, I love it, and I make more money with FanDuel than other platforms such as DraftKings.

That said – if you aren’t already a member of FanDuel you’ve come to the right place to get FANDUEL PROMO CODES!!!

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How to Use Our FanDuel Promo Code:

Over the last three years One-Day Fantasy Sports has gained National attention, especially Fantasy Football While we are biased toward the pigskin our FanDuel Promo Codes are good for all types of sports action, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, and of course – the NFL!

Our current FanDuel Promo Code is the absolute top promo offer of 2017 – As a new player you will get up to $100 back if you aren’t absolutely satisfied with Fanduel. Give it a whirl and if you aren’t happy – get your money back, up to $100 – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Keep in mind that you can win a lot of money if you develop the proper skills winning teams have. Using our promo code will ensure you get your money back if you aren’t happy, but make your best effort to learn the nuances that make winners.


For instance, remove emotion from your decision making process when selecting your lineup. If you are an Eagles fan don’t just select Darren Sproles because there’s a chance he can score 20 or more points – consider other more consistent options like Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, and former Eagles LeSean McCoy (man that was a bad trade for Chip Kelly).

Stay up to date with injuries. If you select a player that’s on the IR you need to follow injury updates right up until game time. If you can’t stay on top of injury reports please DO NOT waste our FanDuel Promo Code by selecting someone that doesn’t play – trust us – you’ll lose and we want to see you win. At the same time – paying close attention to injuries can give you a competitive advantage so consider your options to start or sit a player accordingly.

Weather plays a HUGE factor in winning in Fantasy Sports! Especially as the winter takes shape in the North East pay special attention to selecting players that have to play in horrible weather – chances are Tom Brady won’t have as many passing years or touchdowns during a blizzard, while most running back may get the ball more, but there’s grave risk in taking a top back in a snow storm. Pay attention to weather as a competitive advantage.

Fantasy Football is a game of skill. What that means is that the more tips and pointers you can use when selecting your team the more likely you will win. Self educate on a regular basis – don’t let emotion make your decisions, but instead learn how winners win.

Selecting One on One Versus Tournament Contests:

There are multiple contest formats on FanDuel in terms of One-Day Fantasy Football, but the 2016 season can be broken down into two primary formats – One on One and Tournament.

One on One contests have higher odds since it is you versus one player, but you’ll win less money if you win. The way it works is you put in a certain amount of money (let’s say $10) and your opponent matches that amount. FanDuel takes a small fee and you are left with $17 or so if you win (since it cost $10 to join you actually win $7). If you are new to Fantasy Sports or Fantasy Football you should play low denomination one on one contests to increase your odds and get some practices and score a few wins!

On the other hand Tournament contests have more than one winner, but you compete against many people (potentially 10’s of thousands). There are a lot of chances to win and if you have a solid (not great) lineup any given week you can win some or all of your original investment back. However, to win the top prizes (which is what motivates most people to join tournaments) is very low odds. I’ll repeat since I want to see you have more money at the end of the season not less – the odds of winning a tournament are very low so don’t spend all of your money there until you turn into an elite Fantasy Sports guru.

A Reflection From an Active FanDuel User (Named Kris):

This is my fourth year playing Fantasy Sports and I absolutely love it. I’ve been playing Fantasy Football for over 20 years and every year I fill out as many brackets as possible for the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament.

Want to hear something awesome? I went to graduate school at Villanova University back in the late 1990’s and fell in love with Villanova Basketball. Every year since 1998 I’ve selected Villanova (save the two or three years they made the NIT) to win the NCAA Tournament. You guessed it – up until last year I didn’t make a dime since Villanova hasn’t won the tourney and I always had them picked to win. You know how this story ends – I won 3 NCAA Bracket Pools this year and not only did I win thousands of dollars, but I did the math – even though I lost for something like 16 straight years I won enough this year so that I’m up overall – fairly big since Nova wasn’t a shoe-in to win this year.

Yes – I love Fantasy Sports, so let me tell you a bit about my experience with Fantasy Football.

To me – FanDuel means Fantasy Football. It takes what I’ve done for over 20 years (I bet you can relate!!!!) to the next level by allowing me to switch up my team on a weekly basis based on a range of SKILLS that I’ve developed for picking winning lineups. Also, unlike traditional Fantasy Football where if one of your top picks ends up on the IR and you end up in the Toilet Bowl (not necessarily a bad thing if the TB pays out), with Weekly Fantasy Football you can modify your team next week if this week sucks.

My goal is to win 51% of the contests I participate in. On some weeks I do much better than 51% and other weeks I don’t perform as well – but I love this so much I’m in for the long haul (aka, the full season).

I don’t typically bet more than a few hundred bucks each week – several weeks I’ve ended up winning thousands, which happens when you allocate some of your money into tournaments (don’t take the bait and waste 100% of your money on tournaments) and I actually place high. I’ve never won a tournament outright (winners can make as much as $1 million or more), but I have placed fairly high and the adrenaline rush is like almost nothing I’ve experienced – outside of maybe when I participated in the NASCAR experience.

I hope you love Fantasy Sports as much as I do and I encourage you to get started with a FanDuel Promo Code right now!

QUICK LINKS: FanDuel PROMO CODES NFL Action MLB Action NHL Action NBA Action

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