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Wilkes Barre Ice Cream – Top 5 Places People Love

Northeastern, PA Hot Spots

Hillside Farms Ice Cream

Summer is almost here, and synonymous with summer is ice cream!  Here are the top five places in NEPA to cool off and enjoy the best treat of the summer.

Hillside Farms Ice Cream

#1 – The Lands at Hillside Farms – Earning our top spot on the list, Hillside Farms serves the freshest ice cream around. Why, you ask? It’s simple. The dairy products at Hillside come from their true-pastured, farm raised cows. Crafted on site, flavors range from seasonal favorites to tried and true popular varieties.  Add sprinkles and a cone, then take your treat outside to enjoy the beautiful property at Hillside filled with farm animals, their Mercantile Store, a greenhouse and more. Bonus- gallons of your favorite flavors are pre-packaged to-go!  Enjoy farm fresh ice cream all week long (or as long as it lasts- which isn’t very long in our house!)

#2 – Malacari’s Ice Cream –  Boasting the most outrageous flavors and shakes, Malacari’s will be sure to have you coming back for more.  Don’t miss their amazing peanut-butter ice cream, and be sure to try our favorite, a strawberry sundae made with mounds of fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Also – bring a few extra bucks and grab some fresh Malacari produce – everything is local and delicious. Ice cream and veggies (not together) – what a great combo!!!

#3 – Ballyhoo Old Fashion Ice Cream – nestled in Pittston, this ice cream parlor takes you back to your childhood. Malts, sundaes, splits, egg creams and so much more…all ages will enjoy their favorite ice cream treats.  What we love most- Ballyhoo makes homemade whipped cream and waffle cones and bowls daily.  Cold ice cream in a warm crisp waffle bowl…need we say more? Ok, they have an amazing candy bar too.  We are sold!

#4 – Blue Ribbon Dairy –  An old fashioned, sit down ice cream parlor open until 10 o’clock (10:30 in the summer!) serving over 60 flavors award winning, premium ice cream including soft serve ice cream, no sugar added ice cream, ice cream cakes, and soft and hard yogurt. They offer a full menu of all your old favorites such as banana splits and malted milkshakes, as well as new items like cinnamon bun sundaes, apple dumplings and more-  all served to you in glassware to help keep our planet green!

#5 – Curly Creme Ice Cream – Convenient location with amazing ice cream, you’ll most definitely leave satisfied.  Mouth watering ice cream piled high, oh and make sure you go for the dip!  If you don’t know what it means to get your ice cream dipped, Curly Creme is the place to get your feet wet.  Choose your flavor (we like chocolate) and the friendly staff will dip your ice cream in a sauce.  It instantly hardens forming a thin and delicious layer on the outside of your already perfect cone.

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Hillside Farms Ice Cream

Wilkes Barre Ice Cream – Top 5 Places People Love