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    Best Live Music Venues in Los Angeles

    The city of Los Angeles is practically synonymous with glitz and glamour.  Los Angeles has long been known as the city of choice for struggling hopefuls looking to break into the entertainment industry, and musicians are no exception.  Luckily for them, there are countless venues in the Los Angeles area, as well as talent booking […]

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    A Locals Guide to Finding Exotic Foods in Wilkes Barre, PA

    Sick of eating at your average restaurant chain? Or maybe you are feeling a more adventurous menu? Instead of choosing your normal go-to eatery, instead try one of these five different exotic food restaurants. Whether it be Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or Japanese, there are many amazing exotic restaurants in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area for […]

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    Best Beer on Tap in Wilkes Barre / Scranton, PA

    Looking for more than your basic beer? Or maybe you are just looking for more beverage options? Sometimes finding a spot with an advanced beer selection can be difficult. In order to make your search for the best beer on tap significantly easier, we have compiled a list of five different venues in the Wilkes-Barre/ […]

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    High Tech Ways To Manage Your Budget

    For many business owners, figuring out how to manage one’s budget can be a task in itself!  With so many other factors of your business to worry about, budgeting can sometimes take the back burner. However, there are countless ways to manage your business’s budget in a way that saves you time, energy, and stress. […]

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    Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Can Positively Change Your Life

    Is a poorly ventilated and humid room impacting your sleep? A recent Time Magazine article highlights that our bodies prefer to recover in a cool environment and, therefore, colder temperatures are often associated with initiating sleep and several other positive health consequences. Whatever the season, keeping the thermostat fixed between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit may […]

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    Hitting the Open Road in an RV

    Traveling cross country in an RV If you think you might like RVing cross country, consider renting a rig. This will give you more flexibility and it’s a savvy way to save money. Instead of making countless stops and staying in a hotel during your trip, you can travel at your own pace and explore […]

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    Impact of Information Technology on Small Businesses

    According to a survey by Salesforce, 18% of business owners have no app or technology solution in place to serve their customers. 51% do not use technology to automate tasks and only 42% have some sort of analytics or business intelligence application in place. This creates a massive opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive […]

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    Understanding Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

    With so much noise in the cryptocurrency sphere, it’s hard to turn anywhere for sound financial advice. Financial experts Jordan Belfort and Jim Cramer predict Bitcoin’s value could rise exponentially while others predict Bitcoin could fall entirely in value.   Are cryptocurrencies a speculative bubble or a disruptive force in our society? Are we simply […]

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    Why Your Business Needs An Energy Audit

    Most companies find that they cannot make maximum profits for their companies because they are spending too much on energy. There is a significant amount of money spent on energy from the operating budget. However, there is a solution for these companies. To increase the value of your business and make profits for your business, […]