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Can CBD Help You Battle Anxiety?

Cannabidiol is an offspring of the cannabis plant. There have been claims worldwide that CBD, as it is popularly known, has anxiety healing powers with very little to no side effects.

While scientific research to evaluate the effectiveness of CBD reducing anxiety symptoms is actively underway, there is considerable anecdotal evidence to suggest that people may indeed experience an alleviation of anxiety symptoms with the help of CBD oil.

Sites like ReferLocal offer a wide range of products that contain CBD and may help alleviate anxiety. CBD products include CBD pills / capsulesdabsoil dropsedibles / gummiesisolateisolate powderoil, and tinctures. And if your animal has anxiety ReferLocal has a line of CBD Pet products.

All about the CBD Oil

The cannabis plant is the main source of cannabidiol extraction, which people then use as oil. This oil has rich chemical components known as cannabinoids, which clasp onto the special brain receptors. So far, the most popular of cannabinoid is THC, which gives people the high feel they usually experience from marijuana consumption.

THC is one of many cannabinoids. The other famous cannabinoid is cannabidiol or CBD, which does not create a high feeling, although it too connects with the brain receptors. Proponents have put forth many arguments in favor of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids, claiming them to have health-improving benefits, ranging from mental health improvements to fighting cancer.

CBD oil is an edible product and can be added to our regular foods or even used as cooking oil. In fact, many people simply consume a few drops as medicine. Some of the more common ways to consume CBD is via drops, isolate, or edibles (such as CBD Gummies).

Anxiety and CBD

According to a study that the National Institute on Drug Abuse conducted, there has been some evidence that suggests CBD may help with anxiety relief. Also, other tests prove that an intake of marijuana makes one vulnerable to anxiety problems.

Those who are singularly interested in CBD oil to tackle their anxiety levels must focus on research-based only on cannabidiol and not the ones that generally study medical marijuana. According to research conducted in 2010, cannabidiol or CBD does decrease the level of social anxiety in people suffering from SAD (Social anxiety disorder). The research conducted scans of people who showed changes in the blood flow of the region of the brain, which is associated with anxious feelings.

This study further showed positive responses of people feeling better after taking cannabidiol, which also improved their brain's way of responding to anxiety. In 2014, research revealed that CBD oil contains antidepressants and anti-anxiety effects.

Another analysis in 2016 proved that CBD oil is a treatment that promises to deal with several kinds of anxiety, including panic disorder, anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and post-traumatic stress disorders.


Even after consistent years of research, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the role of CBD in helping anxiety disorders. There have to be more extensive and intensive studies to provide a concrete assessment of the risks and benefits involved with this treatment.

However, we can be certain of one thing here. Many people, who have not been able to find relief from alternative anxiety treatments, may look into CBD oil as a potential substitute treatment. Nevertheless, before such people incorporate CBD oil consumption into their daily routine, they must first consult their doctors to verify the right mode of treatment for them. It is also important to receive an education first on the laws that govern the consumption of cannabis products in the state or country he/she lives.

Does CBD Give You a High?

A lot of us may ponder upon this confusion. Does CBD give a high? The answer is that when people use hemp as the source of extraction of CBD oil, there will be no high. Hemp is a member of the cannabis plant family, and people grow it for industrial uses mainly, such as clothing and papermaking. As opposed to other cannabis plants, we cannot breed hemp with the intention of experiencing the marijuana-like high.

Marketers may sell cannabidiol as a category of hemp oil, containing traces of THC. Therefore, if someone has consumed cannabidiol, they will most possibly test THC positive even though the feel of the high will not be present after the use.


Several studies have shown that cannabidiol contains very few and usually no side effects at all. This proves that CBD oil is a much better option for people who are unable to bear the side effects of other medical drugs for anxiety.

When traveling, you have to know the CBD laws that apply to the destination you are going to. You have to be cautious of CBD products with a nonprescription. Labeling is often not very thorough. Moreover, before you pick CBD oil as the final treatment to your condition, you must consult a doctor for the right dosage.

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